About us

Situated in the heart of historic Jewish Budapest, Kosher Meatup is the place to go when you want to enjoy quality street food that not only tastes great but is also Kosher.
Our passion is to bring together great food and great people in a place that is casual, contemporary, family friendly and with a unique vibe.
In recent years, Israeli food has emerged as one of the most intriguing cuisines in the culinary world. We have created our own version with a Hungarian twist.
So come in and try one of our favorite schnitzel sandwiches, burgers, grilled chickens or enjoy a warm cup of soup over a heart warming conversation.
Our kosher certification is of the highest standard provided by Rabbi Baruch Oberlander.
We are looking forward to seeing you among our guests and present you with a unique kosher Hungarian street food experience.
We truly hope that you will find our restaurant to be a place where it is good to eat and good to meat!